Cameron Jericho

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Cameron Jericho

One of the greatest feelings is to be lost in a moment of music. This can happen in the line at Starbucks, when listening to the radio on the way to work, or laying sleeplessly in bed. Cameron Jericho looks to create these experiences for you with his vivid imagery, honest storytelling, and careful melodies. Jericho pulls from both current and iconic influences to create an exclusive new sound that can only fall under the umbrella of Americana. Flirting with the best pieces of Folk, Country, Americana, and Singer-songwriter music, a depth of emotions are covered across his debut singles “Anchor” and "Virginia Is for Lovers" and upcoming EP “Starlight” which is due out September 28. From performing Christmas music live on CBC Radio to co-writing a song that was placed in an award winning short film, Jericho has built a truly unique repertoire of work.

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