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My name is Fiker. I’m 24 years old, and I am a singer, songwriter, and musician. I have been playing music and writing songs since I was about 13. Music/singing has always played a huge role in my life for as long as I can remember, so I have always tried to remain in spaces where the people around me feel the same. For me, a perk is I get to play music with my husband who is an incredible musician and creative as well. We love to play, and listen to, all genres of music. I wouldn’t say I could fit myself (or my style of music) into just one genre. I feel like I am inspired by, and fall into the middle of, many. I can, however, say that my “favourite” types of music to listen to (that I always fall back on) are rock/alt-rock, R&B, pop, early 2000s punk/pop-punk, folk, and indie. Music is everything to me. It’s why I live and breathe. It is in everything I do. Even in my day job, I always try to include a musical aspect because I know how healing, calming, and important music is.

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