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My name is Araya Felix, I am also called Kite. I am a CEO, artist, song writer, recording engineer, manager and A&R, among other things. I was born in Trinidad and Tobago and I now live in London Ontario. I began rapping at the age of 14 for the fun of it. However, it was not until I was about age 16, that I began to take the craft seriously with my brother Makiri Felix who is my main producer and joint CEO of our record label Bascrom. We have released multiple songs and have completed several projects which are available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, UnitedMasters TuneCore and 16 other digital platforms. Our most recent project to date is Bascrom Vibes Volume 1 and 2, which we released through TuneCore and Avid Pro. For the most part my music is organic, the singles or projects I have done all come from the heart expressing my genuine feelings and experiences. My music is unique,when you listen you will hear Caribbean and North American slangs and expressions fused together.

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