ISO Music Video Incubator Project

London is working to grow its film and music sectors. Both creative industries are closely linked and provide opportunities to advance culture as a whole. Recognizing the need for stronger representation and inclusion, The ISO Project has been created.

The goal of the ISO Project, with support from the City of London Music Office, is to provide mentorship and guidance for both artists and creators of colour in London. The ISO Project provides expertise from London area with support for every part of the music video production process. The result is a professional and highly artistic music video telling the selected artists' story. Currently, the intake process is specific to musicians.


Program Guidelines

Application Form

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Song Application

This is the song that you are applying to create a music video and receive mentorship for. Please note that you cannot already have a music video made for this song, nor can production already be underway to create a music video for this song. By filling this section and hitting submit, you are stating that you own ALL the rights to this song. If you provide an optional video treatment, you are also stating that you own ALL the rights to the treatment. Songs cannot be released earlier than January 1, 2019.
All areas marked with an asterisk * are required to fill. Please note that a Music Video treatment is optional, and the required Vision Board can be centred around your song or your artistic identity.

Song * Recommended file types (.mp3,.wav).
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Project Director, Executive Producer
Zahra Habib

Social Media Coordinator
Asha Supaul

Promotions and Outreach Coordinator
King Jerome


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