2019 London Music Census Launches!

  • By Cory Crossman


2019 London Music Census Launches!

Today, the London Music Office officially launches the 2019 London Music Census. 

First conducted over the summer of 2016, the initial London Music Census helped establish baseline metrics for London's music ecosystem. The primary findings allowed for a starting point in measurement, which will now be used to measure against in 2019. Some of the questions remain the same allowing for a true comparison between the two study periods. 

The information shared through this survey is entered anonymously, collected and then presented in aggregate allowing for privacy of answers. Amassing data from the London music industry allows for unique trends and themes to emerge. This information is then used to tell London’s story and grow our brand as a Music City.  

Data collection will be done through an online survey allowing respondents the opportunity to enter information at their leisure. A branching style survey will split into 5 unique models including Musicians, Events & Festivals, Venues, Music Industry and Music Fans. Each survey asks unique and specific questions of various segments within the music sector.   

The goal of the 2019 census is to build on past findings by tracking measurement and growth. Over the past 4 years London has seen new businesses come and go, played host to regional and national events and featured thousands of festivals, events and concerts. Understanding how the local sector has changed and evolved is critical. Through the past census, gaps and barriers were identified. This census update will provide an understanding of past identified gaps and barriers and further our understanding of challenges and successes to date.

We encourage you to participate in this survey and help shape a deeper understanding of London’s music community. Please take your time when completing and help spread awareness of the census to others that may be interested. It is recommended that you fill the survey out on a desktop, laptop or tablet. The survey can be conducted on a smart phone but using a computer or tablet may be easier.

Thank you for your continued support and contribution towards London music.







    The London Music Office embarked on its initial journey to understand…

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