Benefit For Local Drummer

  • By Doug Varty (Guest Writer)


Benefit For Local Drummer

As London continues to be seen across Canada - and beyond - as a music city, the grassroots evidence is clear. The burgeoning number of singer/songwriters, players, producers, and studios in this town show how vibrant the scene is today.

And when one of their own has problems, the music people in London get together to lift their comrade up. Living a life as a full time musician means there’s not much of a safety net when hard times hit, and that’s when it’s good to have friends.

Dale Penney, originally from Cornerbrook Newfoundland, is a self-taught player. He has played live and recorded with dozens of acts in the London area, among them Bill Durst, Howzat, Helix, Doug Varty Band, Denise Pelley, Nail, Chris Murphy, and many others. He’s given drum seminars at local colleges. “He’s loved and admired by his friends and colleagues for the generous, upbeat professional that he is” says longtime friend Doug Varty. Dale has recently been unable to play because of painful back injuries and is currently sidelined, waiting for further diagnosis and treatment. For any musician when medical issues like this hit, when you can’t play you can’t earn. And when you can’t earn, the bills pile up. Fast. Michele Shorley, Dale’s wife and business manager is also disabled, making their situation even more serious. “I’m the money manager, the one to stay up late and worry about how to pay for physiotherapy or whatever else he needs” she says.

Monday, June 3rd, 8 to 11 pm, at the Eastside Bar and Grill, 750 Hamilton Rd, London’s music community will celebrate Dale and Michele. Admission will be by donations to Dale and Michele’s cause. There will be raffles and prizes as well.

The list of performers for the benefit grows daily. So far Howzat, the Old Chicago Band and Ted Leonard, Rainer Wiechmann, Ryan Spong, Megan Schroder and Shaun Sanders are among the people you’ll see giving their all to give to Dale and Michele.

Full event details can be found on the Facebook event page. 

Donations are also being accepted on their GoFundMe page. 



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