London's Community Arts Investment

  • By Jenna Bjornson


London's Community Arts Investment

London Arts Council and the City of London's Community Arts Investment Program (CAIP) is back! CAIP has provided grants to non-for-profit organizations, individual artists, and artist collective within the city of London. This program supports a wide range of artistic disciplines including; music, film, visual arts, and literature. Last years recipients include The Aeolian Hall, Home County Music Festival, and Fringe Theater Festival.


The goal of the Community Arts Investment Program is to encourage public awareness and appreciation of the arts, increase access to quality local arts programming, and enhance London's desirability as a community.

CAIP is administered by the London Arts Council, and funded by the City of London. The Community Arts Investment Program provides:

1) Operating and project funding for not-for-profit arts organizations operating within the city of London.

2) Project funding for professional artists living in the city of London.

If you would like to submit an application you can do so on the London Arts Center Website



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