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Block Party Job Fair: Platform for Londoners

  • By Amsa Yaro


Block Party Job Fair: Platform for Londoners

“We have had a lot of great applicants and we are looking forward to having anyone else that is interested in working at the festival,” Jacky El-chaer had spoken to over a dozen applicants that came in to the London Music Hall for the Job Fair. In search for Londoners interested in gaining experience on live music event planning, the organisers of the annual Block Party Festival are ready to give you a chance to work behind the scenes. Available positions range from Box Office, logistics, VIP hosts among others.

Jacky calls on locals to come to the job fair as London has a great music scene and would love all that are willing to help during the Block Party 2018 and Aqua “Rewind in the Park” weekend. 

Planning its 7th year, Bud Light Blocky Party moved from a parking lot on York Street to Harris Park, a spot that can carry over 5000 attendees during the festival’s weekend. With 2018 featuring a great line-up such as Dj Markus Schulz, Zedd, Saad Ayub and more, other big names from the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene like Swedish DJ Avicii and Toronto’s Zeds Dead have graced the festival’s stage in the past years. This is a glimpse of how the London music scene is growing. “Our first year was 2011 was only a one day festival and recently, a couple of years ago, we made it a 2 day festival,” El-chaer noted. “…This year, we added a one-off show with Aqua ‘Rewind in the Park’ for a third date.”

With London attracting big events such as the Canadian Country Music Week in 2016 and the upcoming JUNO's in 2019, Jacky says “the best part about London is that it keeps growing and there is still even more room for growth.”

The Job fair was organised to give London locals a platform to gain more experience, network and be part of the evolving music scene in the Forest City. “London can be the city that different bands, production companies and festivals want to stop by and play... and want to grow in London rather than try to go and grow in Toronto.”

This years festival includes the return of London's Loud Luxury. The group was recently acknowledged for their smash hit 'Body' being certified 5 times platinum.

If interested, please go to the LONDON MUSIC HALL (185 Queens Ave.) for the next job fair:

Drop-in interviews, scheduled appointments not necessary.

Please bring copy of resume with references.



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