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Canada’s Music Incubator Helps Local Talent Breed Industry-Related Skills at CMI Boot Camp Showcase

  • By Ryan Labreche


Canada’s Music Incubator Helps Local Talent Breed Industry-Related Skills at  CMI Boot Camp Showcase

Last Friday, a few of London's local musicians took part in the Canada's Music Incubator Boot Camp Showcase, facilitated by mentors from Canada's Music Incubator. Musicians were able to connect with fellow boot camp participants and industry mentors. 

So, you might be asking, “What’s this Canada’s Music Incubator you speak of?” We’d be delighted to inform you!

Canada’s Music Incubator is a non-profit organization based in Toronto. Its mission is to help musicians and music management develop from starter companies into sustainable businesses through by providing a specialized process of hands-on networking, mentoring and collaboration all across Canada. The CMI Boot Camp is free for anyone to apply and participate.

CMI (as we’ll be referring to it from here on out) evolved from Coalition Music in November 2014. The Artist Entrepreneur and Artist Management programs offered through CMI reside at Coalition Music, which gives musicians and music business operators access to active music business environments, a community of like-minded artists spanning across a wide array of musical genres, artist managers, industry experts and, quite importantly, decades worth of indsutry-related experience and expertise.

Getting back on track… 12 eager musicians/bands came through to open themselves up to the experiences that the workshops had to offer. Following Friday’s showcase, the musical boot campers began a 2-day workshop that focused on:

  • Establishing and running a music business
  • Revenue streams and funding development
  • Goal Setting and action plans
  • Marketing and branding
  • Touring
  • Team building
  • Music publishing and music licensing

The CMI Boot Camp has been getting some glowing testimonials from many of its participants. Here are a few from London’s recent attendees:

"The Bootcamp really helped me see how to take smart steps to develop my career in music. It was great mix of inspiration and practical advice, from some very friendly and helpful folks. What a way to spend the weekend"

- Amanda Lynn Stubley

"As an artist who aspires to pursue music as a career, the CMI Boot Camp weekend was an incredible experience. The content was very well thought out, useful to artists of any level, as well as being presented in an engaging and collaborative manner. The mentors were extremely helpful, kind, and willing to provide guidance even beyond the boot camp weekend. I would recommend this program to any artist who wants to take their business and brand to the next level."

- John Muirhead

The most valuable aspect of this boot camp is CMI's vision: making musicians visew their music as more than just music - it's a business! The participants took a huge leap forward this past weekend to building a long lasting and sustainable career in the music biz.

The CMI Boot Camp now moves on towards Sudbury for May 27 – May 28, to assist and direct other aspiring musicians towards the North.

Here's a visual recap of the CMI Boot Camp

Want to get in the know? Check them out at:

Follow them on social media:

Facebook: @CMIncubator

Twitter: @CMincubator

Have a rockin' day!



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