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Cannabis: Coming to Live Events Near You?

  • By Amsa Yaro


Cannabis: Coming to Live Events Near You?

As the legalization date of October 17th gets closer, the questions on the minds of live event organizers is how will this impact live events and will the legalization of Cannabis help the musis sector. Canadians continue to use cannabis at some of the highest rates in the world. In 2015, 21% of youth and 30% of young adults reported using cannabis within the last year.

With Bill C-45 giving leeway to up to four cannabis plants in one’s home, it also gives restrictions to how it is used publicly, the amount the carried and even how brands or companies can attract customers to their products. And for organizers, how all this ties up with the live music culture.

To stay ahead, Music Canada Live has asked its' members to add their voice through a survey it conducted this past week. Questions such as the impact the legalization of cannabis would have on the sale of alcohol at live events and also what impact the organisations are expecting from the sale of cannabis at music events.

Alan Cross, radio broadcaster and writer, believes that this legislation is good for both Music festivals and cannabis companies. During his interview on “The Exchange with Matt Gurney”, Cross states that a lot of money is already being streamed out by the legal cannabis industry with a good number of Cannabis organisations looking for where to sponsor. As the key to the game is all about branding, Music festivals already have an audience while Cannabis companies have the money, a good pairing for business.

With companies such as Up Cannabis already being proactive by partnering with Tragically Hip, and the rush for real estate after Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, is reportedly allowing the private retailers to sell Cannabis products, creative ways to promote brand products are already in play. From stands at music festivals to naming products with song titles, the brand wars are on-going before promotions are restricted once Bill C-45 is legalised.

Still, the coming months before and after Cannabis is legal would affect the evolution of Music live events and weed. As music and alcoholic beverages seem to be well paired in spite of promotional restrictions, it would be interesting to see how cannabis would create its niche in this arena.






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