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London’s Mountain Of Wolves to Rock Best Of Ontario Day

  • By Ryan Labreche


London’s Mountain Of Wolves to Rock Best Of Ontario Day

London’s own Mountain Of Wolves is slated to play tonight’s Best Of Ontario day, headlined by Fefe Dobson.

If you’ve never heard the four-piece ensemble, you’re in for a howling good time. The classic blues / rock wheel has been reinvented by these guys, bringing with it, an unmatched energy you can hear in their tracks and see when they perform.

Mountain Of Wolves (consisting of Richard Gracious, Michael Middleton, Brent Hebert, and Will O’Donnell) takes the styles of Jack White, The Band, and The Doors but makes something completely of their own and rolls it into an engaging, memorable experience.

The “rock & soul” band has been rocking independently for 3 years and are pleased to bring you their next offering this summer, so keep an ear out!

The boys have been met with their share of accomplishments during their run. These accomplishments are (but are not limited to):

  • Selling out their Aeolian Hall show for the March 2016 release of their first single, “Never Coming Home”
  • Their single, “Never Coming Home” received airplay on CBC and several local stations
  • Their single led them to win 2016’s Made In London, a 98.1FM radio competition
  • A 25 show cross-Canada tour
  • Booked to play the Toronto International Film Festival opening night party
  • Releasing a new single, “Don’t Call My Name”

It’s always important to get some insight on a band to see where they’re coming, where they’re going, as well as what experiences and advice they can share with other aspiring musicians.

With that being said, Mountain Of Wolves own Richard Gracious had this to say about their experiences.

LMO: How young were you and what inspired you to become a musician?

RG: I was 6 years old when I started playing violin and started learning piano when I was 7. My mom always played piano when I was a child and that heavily influenced me. Throughout my youth I also studied the french horn, cello, double bass, guitar & drums. I have always been drawn to all forms of music and enjoy indulging in all of them.

LMO: How has live music played a role in your life as a spectator and as an artist?

RG: I always enjoy seeking out new and exciting live music to help inspire me and create new music. Having attended concerts since I was 9 years old I always enjoy going to a good live show. Watching artist of all different genres and in all different types of venues always gives me a new approach to my art.

LMO: Having rose from local musician to touring artist, how would you like to see the music industry evolve to accommodate emerging artists?

RG: I would like the music industry to be more open to indie artist having prime spots on the radio and TV. Opening spaces for local and independent artist should be implemented when bigger acts come to town as well.

LMO: What was one of the biggest barriers or challenges you had to overcome when entering the music industry? How did you overcome it?

RG: One of the biggest barriers was the constant struggle of balancing a full time job while trying to maintain a second career as an artist. I am still in a constant battle of balancing a working life and living off of being an artist.

LMO: What are some of the highlights or best experiences you’ve had in your career?

RG: Some of the highlights of my career include playing at TIFF, Home County Music & Art Festival and other festival spots in Ontario. I also enjoyed touring across all of Canada in a van and being able to play music and be an ambassador for the London music scene from BC to PEI.

LMO: What advice can you give to today’s aspiring artists?

RG: Practice and believe in what your doing.

LMO: What are some things or people that inspire you artistically?

RG: I always get inspired by other musicians especially on the local scene. Seeing my peers succeed keeps me motivated and proud to be in a growing music environment.

Be sure to show your support by following them on social media:

Facebook: @mountainofwolves

Twitter: @Mtn_of_Wolves

Instagram: @mountainofwolves

Official Website:




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