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The Songwriters' Sessions at WordsFest

  • By Anja Kniffen


The Songwriters' Sessions at WordsFest

The London Music Office and the Words Festival are pleased to announce the return of the Songwriters' Sessions at Museum London, featuring performances by Carla Luna White, Willem James Cowan, Genevieve Fisher, and Tha Koala. The host for the afternoon will be Cory Crossman.

The Songwriters' Sessions will take place on Saturday, November 4, from 4-6 PM and are free and open to the community with registration! Register for in-person here and register to join online here.

Music can convey the deepest of emotions. When paired with lyrics, a well-crafted song can take on an entirely new feeling and dimension. Join them at Museum London as they focus their attention on the art of the songwriter during this multi-segment event called, The Songwriters’ Sessions.

Over the course of the evening, the feature singer-songwriters will speak candidly about the art of songwriting through their personal experience and insight. They will begin with a roundtable discussion with 4 local songwriters who will explore how they transform thoughts, feelings and ideas into lyrics and music.

The second half of this event will give you access to the inner workings of a song. The panel of artists will pick up their instruments and perform scaled down renditions of their music, explaining how they wrote their songs and the meaning behind their lyrics.

The Songwriters' Sessions are sponsored by Museum London, the Words Festival, and the London Music Office.



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