NEW RELEASE: Christmas On It's Way

  • By Josh Pocock


NEW RELEASE: Christmas On It's Way

This past summer a demo writing and recording project took place at London Public Library's central branch. Six artists participated in the pilot program and produced 3 themed songs. To push the artists creative boundaries they were tasked with writing a holiday song. The result are three unique, catchy tunes. The musicians gathered in the Central Library’s Music Rooms to co-write a song then worked with a Fanshawe College Graduate & Audio Engineer in Library London's The LABS to record a demo track. 

'Christmas On it's Way' is the first song of the project to be released and features London's own Saveria & Casper Marcus.

To learn about the evolution of this project and how it all started, click here.

Story Behind The Song


CASPER | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify -

"It was late August when Saveria and I collaborated at The Labs in The London Library for the song "Christmas On It's Way". I took a few hours the night before the studio session to watch back to back Christmas movies to get into the holiday spirit. It was a really great experience creating this track with Saveria, as she is one of the most gifted singers I have worked with. Producer, Alex Emrich brought our vision to life and we were able to effectively prepare a terrific piece of artwork to accompany the single. With the accompanying music video nearly finished, I strongly believe with the help of our amazing team, this project will be well received as a London holiday classic."


SAVERIA | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify –

“While experimenting on the piano, I came up with a simple chord progression followed by the vocal melodies that starts off the song. We knew we wanted to write a song that would express the joys of the holidays, but we wanted to be realistic and shed light on struggles during Christmas for some, if not most of us. 

Every family has a different way to celebrate because of financial restrictions and that’s quite alright. No matter what, Christmas is on its way every year and its what you make of it. Being grateful for the people around you, the little things like cuddling, decorating a tree, the coloured lights around your city.

Within 3-4 hours of writing together, we had a solid structure and it was time to lay down vocals. Adding in smooth harmonies and multiple layers of chanting throughout Casper’s verse, Alex E helped us bring together the classic Christmas sound with contemporary pop.”


This project is a perfect example of what makes London such a great Music City. Each track was fully written, recorded, engineered, mixed and released by Londoners. If you haven’t heard of The LABS, click here and learn about all the free services they offer. This song was demoed at The LABS and then later mixed and mastered by local Engineer Alex Emrich. 

Stay posted to our socials as the next song will be released Friday November 22nd.

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