Re-Opening Every Venue Safely

  • By Cory Crossman


Re-Opening Every Venue Safely

A year we won't soon forget. As 2020 inches towards an end, our live music venues have closed their doors to the public, for now. A New Year brings new possibilities and helps refocus us. 

The London Music Office is working with Janet Sellery, a health and safety consultant specializing in live event safety, to deliver information sessions to help re-open every venue safely in London.  

Based on reasonable practices, research and industry guidance, the goal is to support and educate live music venues managers so they may reopen in a healthy, safe, artistically and financially feasible manner, in accordance with current public health requirements.

Register for your info sessions today 

January 12th 7:00pm - Register Here

January 13th 2:00pm - Register Here



    The London Music Office embarked on its initial journey to understand…

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