Words Fest - Songwriter Sessions

  • By Josh Pocock


Words Fest - Songwriter Sessions

Words Fest and The London Music Office have partnered to present Songwriter Sessions this year during the London based literature festival known for bringing the best of Southwestern Ontario together. 

Music can convey the deepest of emotions. When paired with lyrics, a song can take on an entirely new feeling and dimension. Words Fest showcases the art of songwriting during the multi-segment event, Songwriter Sessions.

Singer / Songwriters speak openly about the art of songwriting through their personal experience and insight. A round table discussion with 5 songwriters explores how they transform thoughts and ideas into lyrics and music.

The second portion of this event allows attendees access to the inner workings of a song. A panel of artists pick up their instruments and perform scaled-down renditions of their songs explaining how their songs were written and the meaning behind their lyrics.

We're excited to announce that Iskwé, Aaron Allen, Misha Bower, Dayna Manning, and moderator Richard Gracious will be joining us for this special session.

Come out to Museum London on Saturday, November 2nd from 2:00-4:00PM for a free educational experience you surely won't want to miss. Let us know you’re attending by showing your interest on our event listing. We hope to see you there!



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