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InterUrban: Presenting the Arts and Culture of London, Canada in Veszprém, Hungary

  • By Mateo Proano


InterUrban: Presenting the Arts and Culture of London, Canada in Veszprém, Hungary

On February 7th 2023 (Veszprém, Hungary) –Through InterUrban, the amazing melodies, flavours and creative talents of 29 cities from 25 countries are being brought to Veszprém and the Bakony-Balaton region - the 2023 European Capital of Culture. Being the 2023 European Capital of Culture offers a unique opportunity to promote the Bakony-Balaton region as a European creative and cultural centre; with Veszprém as its centre. It also provides, through InterUrban, a European, if not a world stage for the cultural riches of Veszprém’s fellow UNESCO City of Music cities and its sister cities around the globe. The 29 featured InterUrban cities will rotate every two weeks (see calendar below). The third city presented in the programme is London, Canada. London’s residency will last 13-26 February 2023. Featured guests include The Pairs, Sarah MacDoughal and Sam Maggs.


InterUrban is a year-long project conceived and carried out by Hangvető within the overall Veszprém Balaton 2023 programme. Hangvető has been a hub for world music in Central Eastern Europe since 2003. Hangvető builds cultural strategies, consults with cities, organises world and folk music festivals, produces films, and publishes and distributes records. It has worked with several ECoC title holders and candidates, including Veszprém-Balaton 2023. Hangvető is the leader of several large-scale international projects. For example, it is the first Hungarian company to ever lead a Creative Europe platform project with UPBEAT, the European Showcase Platform for World Music. MOST, the Bridge for Balkan Music, is another Creative Europe-funded cooperation lead by Hangvető. We organize local and international world and folk music events. The company proudly hosted WOMEX, the Worldwide Music Expo in 2015 in Budapest; the hybrid WOMEX in 2020; and organises the Budapest Ritmo since its launch in 2016, one of the most prestigious world music showcase festivals of Europe. Hangvető represents Veszprém in the City of Music network. 



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