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Phase 3 of Ontario's Re-Opening

  • By Cory Crossman


Phase 3 of Ontario's Re-Opening

Earlier today, Premier Ford annouced Phase-3 Re-Opening for parts of Ontario. London is included in Phase-3 Re-Opening which begins at 12:01am on Friday July 17th. This is an enormous step forward in restarting the economy as a stated 99% of businesses will be operable but not at full capacity. The re-opening is welcomed news for many cultural businesses, it should be noted there are still gathering size limits in place and physical distance measures required.

Live Shows, Performing Arts and Movie Theatres Concerts, artistic events, theatrical productions, performances, and movie theatres may resume operations, including rehearsals, with the following restrictions:

• Performers must maintain physical distancing of two metres from every other person, except from other performers where necessary for purposes of the performance.

• Audiences are subject to the number of people that can maintain physical distancing of at least two metres and cannot exceed gathering limits of 50 indoors and 100 outdoors. This applies to the entire facility, regardless of the number of theatres or performance stages within the facility.

• Performers and staff are not included in the gathering limits.

• Plexiglass or some other impermeable barrier is required between the audience and singers as well as players of brass or wind instruments.

• Drive-in and drive-through venues, as permitted in Stage 2, are not subject to gathering limits.

• Concessions stands at drive-through venues may be accessed in-person or by drive-through or delivery to vehicles

Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs

• All restaurants, bars, concession stands, and other food and drink establishments may open for indoor dine-in.

• Nightclubs are not yet safe to open, except for the purpose of serving food or drinks to patrons in accordance with the conditions that apply to restaurants and bars.

• All patrons must be seated when eating or drinking at the establishment.

• Establishments must take appropriate measures to ensure physical distancing of at least two metres between patrons from different tables, unless separated by plexiglass or some other impermeable barrier.

• Buffet-style service is not yet permitted in Stage 3.

• Singing or music may be performed by a person or group at the restaurant or bar, with restrictions, including barriers between the performers and patrons and physical distancing. Dancing may only be performed by someone working at the establishment with restrictions.

• Karaoke is permitted only outside of private karaoke rooms, which are not yet permitted to open in Stage 3, with restrictions including barriers, physical distancing and increased cleaning and disinfecting.

• Physical distancing of two metres between patrons from different households or social circles also continues to apply to food trucks, food courts, concession stands and tours, including tastings at wineries, breweries and distilleries.

Work with government on a Stage 3 reopening plan

For businesses and sectors that are either not able to reopen in Stage 3 or who are experiencing significant challenges opening with restrictions in Stage 3, the government is committed to working with you. Click here to submit a proposal for safely re-opening your business if you are unable to open your business due to the current restrictions in place. 

To read through the entire Phase-3 Re-Opening Guide click here



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