Chris Eh Young

  • Indie, Acoustic / Folk


Chris Eh Young

Landing in London, Ontario, after years of roaming, Chris is an acoustic solo entertainer. Writing and recording music since 1988, Chris recorded two albums and an EP with his two bands before his 18th birthday. His genre has since evolved from the heavy metal/punk genre to a much mellower folk, singer-songwriter style. Breaking down the wall between entertainer and audience, Chris aims to entertain people using every trick at his in disposal. He prefers to think of his events as a bunch of people hanging out and he just happens to be playing the soundtrack. Refusing to be labelled as ‘just a musician’, Chris dishes a generous serving of humorous anecdotes, stories in his sets, as well as memorable covers and original songs - an entertaining combination. Radio play from his last two singles (“MoFo Girl” and “Not Broken”) have helped him break through as more than just another "cover artist".

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