Coaching for Sara

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Coaching for Sara

Founded in 2012 by musical pals Lars Blum (Lead Guitar) and Shane Sawyer (Vox/Rhythm Guitar), Coaching for Sara (C4S) have become well-known in the SW ON indie music scene for their energetic live performances and stand-out musicianship. Successfully marrying a "new aged" Beatles vibe with early punk/grunge undertones, it's no surprise that their debut release has garnered acclaim among critics and fans, alike. Their most recent career highlights, C4S were invited to perform at the 2017 Sesquifest and BeatleFest events; while last year saw them rocking their hometown of Walkerton for it's 150th Anniversary. 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for this talented indie quartet as they have their sights set on expanding their touring with the release of their new six song EP. In the studio and on stage, Blum and Sawyer's talents are joined by Chris May (Drums) and Jason Gerena (Bass), who add a powerful rhythmic force to Blum and Sawyer's memorable melodies.

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