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Justine Chantale

Justine Chantale is a country singer-songwriter from Stratford, Ontario, based out on London. Growing up, she was influenced by her mothers love for old country music and her fathers passion for classic rock. She started her musical journey at the age of 8 years when she began singing in the school choir and at 14 years old she learned how to play the guitar, began to write her own songs and perform them at her high school coffee house. Upon graduating nursing school, Justine ventured to London Ontario to look for full time work and explore the music scene. Since then, Justine has been an active member in London's music scene, performing at a variety of venues, just as The Western Fair District, The London Music Hall, and Trackside Music Festival, to name a few. She has released an EP (Stepping Stones, 2015) and three singles. With heartfelt lyrics, soaring vocals and emotional sway in every song, Justine connects with her audience by creating an authentic musical experience.

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