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Poster Board Locations

map of permitted locations

The City of London permits postering of concert events under the Sign By-Law. Posters are only permitted where City of London designed poster boards have been installed. Below is a map of permitted locations. Please do not poster over upcoming events and remove your posters following your event.  

View Larger Map Here (PDF Document)

View Sign By-Law Here

important Key words

Key words to look for in the Sign By-Law include:


Means a printed notice conveying information intended to be displayed for a temporary period of time and includes but is not limited to a bill, handbill, leaflet, notice and placard;

'poster board sign'

Means a temporary sign that is made from lightweight rigid material such as plastic, which is secured or mounted to a building or other structure. This definition does not include a banner sign, wall sign or poster;

'poster panel'

Means a wooden panel provided and fitted by the City to a designated light standard; 

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